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Welcome to my site! I am Bryan Jones and I am a web developer. Here you will find information about me, my art, web development, best practices, and tips about everyday programming. Stay tuned as there will be frequent updates.

Recent Articles

Creating a CSS Galaxy | Medium
Making a galaxy in CSS is a little tricky but all in all pretty easy to do. Take a look at the pen I made. I will be updating this page to be more of a tutorial in the future. For now, look at the code that was used to create it. See the Pen Galaxy by Bryan Jones (@bartuc) on CodePen.
Magnification | Medium
Getting a magnifying effect on an image can appear complicated, but it really is easy. The key is to use multiple images. The image that the user sees by default is the smallest version. The magnifying effect shows the larger version. If you place the larger version as a background image to your...
How to Stop Files From Being Deleted When a Node Is Deleted | Medium
In Drupal core if you delete a node it will delete any files uploaded to that field as long as that file isn't being used by other nodes. There are times when you want to attached a default file programmatically to many different nodes. It makes sense to only use one file if it is the same for 1000...

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