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Welcome to my site! I am Bryan Jones and I am a web developer. Here you will find information about me, my art, web development, best practices, and tips about everyday programming. Stay tuned as there will be frequent updates.

Recent Articles

Saving Fields using hook_node_update() and hook_node_insert() | Medium
If you have ever tried saving a field using hook_node_update() or hook_node_insert() you know that the node passed can not be altered because it is purely a copy. Lets go through en example. I had a project where I had to integrate MailChimp and a Drupal site. MailChimp creates IDs for List and...
Playing with Perspective | Medium
SCSS is a must for me when generating CSS. It can do things that would be impossible to program using straight CSS. Things such as random number generation, loops, conditional statements, and functions. Below is an example of using some more advanced SCSS techniques to create a space themed CSS...
Neat CSS3 Loader | Medium
It is amazing what CSS and HTML are capable these days. You can create images with code, animate objects, and save items locally. In the olden days you had to use a gif or Javascript to create a loader. Now you can just use CSS and HTML. This is great because it not only loads faster, but is easier...

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